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The following are our Top Ten awesomest things about a
delivered, potted and planted-for-you in a 'watershed' to grow old ChristmasSolstice TREEEEE !!

10- They are alive! (The only Christmas tree option that is actually a tree.)

9.6- A full size potted Christmas tree is the grandest seasonal houseplant ever! Makes the Easter Lilly, Poinsettia and Shamrock look small! If houseplants are good for the soul, what about a visiting houseplant that´s huge and decorated and lighted and has presents underneath that you know birdies are going to be nesting in? Huh huh?

9- They are the most naturally shaped! Not sheared into a cone.

8- They are the freshest! What´s fresher than alive huh huh?

7- It is tough for the dogs and cats to knock them over. The rootballs are a heavy base which prevents any climbs by cats, (assuming fat cats don´t climb trees)!

6- Less of a fire hazard! They don't dry out like cut trees. It´s the main reason local TV news cover our business as news.

5- TOPCTC helps define Oregon as a State with desirable innovations. Oregon is taking on many conscientious activities such as; land use planning, the bottle bill, social service programs, the beach bill, best bicycle city, curbside recycling, mass transit, green buildings AND, for the 22nd year in a row, thousands of living Christmas trees permanently planted.

4- Everyone who contributes to TOPCTC are pioneering. (Here´s our fun hype soundbite!) "Potted Christmas trees can turn Christmas into a tree planting Holiday." Part of your Christmas tree payment goes to lowering the price of your tree to it's buyer / planter. (We sell trees after New Years for less than half of what we bought them for.) One day, one fine day for Portlandia, TOLCTC will be on a neat national dealie like Oprah or Good Morning America, the closest we´ve come yet is TIME magazine. We´ll be sure to thank the whole business: growers, truck rental place, Kinkos, coffee shops, the website thing, media, memories, truckers, buyer / planters and especially the fine folk who get their Christmas trees from us who are the backbone!

3. Your Christmas tree cleans the air. Science says we're all contributing to 'air pollution / global warming / climate change'. Choosing a potted Christmas tree every year is a fabulous response to that. Our clients might feel something like, "Yeah, part of the reason I choose a potted Christmas tree each year is so at least I clean my air pollution." (We at TOPCTC aren't climatologists but it's not unreasonable that a tree respiring every day probably cleans the air one pollutes every day.)

2- TOPCTC donates. We've given trees and / or any cash we can share to groups like; YMCA, MLC school, Outward Bound, KBOO, Doernbecher.

And now, the #1 reason to contribute with The Original Potted Christmas Tree Company, is... [Say ´Woohoo´ out loud, right now, it feels good, come on, say ´Woohoo´ out loud nowish] The #1 reason to contribute (order) is...

#1- Kids (of any age) learn that even very old ways of doing things can be evolved into new ways that are good business and friendlier to the environment!

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