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Thank you for visiting us.  We deliver 7 foot tall potted evergreen Christmas trees.  We pick them up after Christmas and plant the trees in parks, wetlands and landscapes all over the Northwest.  2009 is our eighteenth year in a row since 1992.  We offer at most around 400 trees each year.  Please consider spending at least 10 minutes checking this website out because it's possible to turn Christmas into a tree planting holiday wherever you live!    We are the only such service in the world and we offer trees to only Portland Oregon.  If you don't live in Portland Oregon and are interested in having a live potted Christmas tree click on our Outside Portland page.

If you live in Portland you can order your Christmas tree by viewing this website then mailing in payment and an order form.  Then we deliver a 7' evergreen tree in a pot to your front door.  You have it inside your home for over two weeks till after New Years.  Then we pick it up and your tree will be planted in a park or landscape to grow old.  You don't have to move a heavy tree and you don't have to plant it in your backyard.  Woohoo right?   It's convenient to have your tree delivered and picked up.  Now, besides the fact that your Christmas tree is your New Years gift to the environment and every tree planted cleans the air we each pollute...  How nice it is to have a naturally shaped tree that is alive in your home!

For 2009 so far we´ve arranged for around 250 trees to be planted so that´s how many we can offer for Christmas trees.  We offer an earlybird special for orders received by us before Halloween.  Please order before December 8th so we can put our delivery routes together sooner.  See order form below.  Woohoo, hope to serve you.

****2009 Order Form****

living Christmas tree- Nordmann fir
7' Nordmann fir, click to enlarge.
Scotch pine
7' Scotch pine, click to enlarge
Serbian spruce
5' Serbian spruce, click to enlarge
7 1/2' Norway spruce (Tip between 7' and 7 1/2' high including pot.)
7 1/2' Sequoia, click to enlarge. Sold Out
5' Balsam fir, click to enlarge

Branches and needle pics below

Serbian spruce branches, click to enlarge
Nordmann fir branches, click to enlarge
Norway spruce branches, click to enlarge
Douglas fir branches, click to enlarge
Scotch pine branches, click to enlarge
Sequoia branches, click to enlarge