7' tall potted Christmas trees!

Delivered, picked up, planted in a watershed to grow old.

Make a tree show up at your door!

What if there was a company that delivered 7' tall Christmas trees, alive in pots, then picked them up after New Years and planted them to grow old in parks and watersheds? Well, The Original Potted Christmas Tree Company is doing it! Only in Portland and Eugene Oregon do folks have this planet loving option. We make it convenient. You don't have to transport it, or plant it in your yard after each Christmas. But wait, lol, there's more! Potted Christmas trees are the freshest, because, what's fresher than alive, huh, huh? A really nice thing about our potted trees is their Natural shape! Since potted trees are tough to transport, we deliver to your door. Since potted trees are delivered, they are ordered online. Just scroll down down down on this page. Then visit our order form and pay with Paypal or mail a check. When your tree arrives right next to your door, simply slide it inside. After New Years, slide it out. It's not renting because we don't rent it out again- we plant your tree to grow old. Imagine all the special feelings of Christmas with something new- an environmentally friendly centerpiece. An OMG feeling... "Wow, a tree, inside my house, breathing- so fresh! All lit-up, decorations and presents under it. And it'll be planted, cleaning the water and air, my gift to the climate, rained on, a home to birdies too! to grow a hundred feet tall- wowww…

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